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Vaser Liposuction

It is the process by which the fat cells separating from the body and liquefied by vsing sound waves. Controversial disorders can be seen in classical liposuction due to fat removal with difficult mechanical movements. Thanks to vaser technology, however, the fats dissolved in the whole layer are much easier to get.

It is a very harmless method to the surrounding tissues and it is used as the most reliable and effective method of body thinning and shaping all over the world. Areas such as the arteries, nerves, and connective tissue are not damaged as there is no damage to any other area other than the fatty tissue, and such procedures have less bleeding.

In particular, this method allows a "hi-def" (high definition) body to be shaped, since it is an application that leaves a minimum amount of fat in all layers of the skin. Male and female "sixpack" removal of the arm and chest muscles are often used in the clarification.


At the same time, this method does not kill fat cells but only separates them from the skin and can be easily used for volume addition in any shade of the body that needs to be taken (breast augmentation, butt enlargement, male breasts and shoulder shaping).

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