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Breast procedures

Breast augmentation surgery in İstanbul / Turkey

Breast enlargement surgeries can be performed in young patients who do not have enough breast volume after puberty or in women who have lost their breasts volume due to breastfeeding or weight loss. Currently, the most preferred methods for breast enlargement, are often performed using materials called silicone prostheses or implants. If the patient does not require prosthesis, the breast can be enlarged with filling materials taken from the patient's body fat. The number of breast augmentation surgery, aesthetic surgery operations is increasing day by day, and the results of the operations have become surgeries that increase the comfort and serious self-confidence in terms of our patients.

Is Silicone Prosthetics Safe?

The new generation silicon prosthesis technologies used in our day are highly improved and the used prosthesis can mimic natural breast texture as shape and consistency very well. Thanks to the cohesive gel technology usage, even if the silicone outer wall is torn, the inside material is not dispersed to the body and does not threaten your health.

What types of prostheses are used and what are the features?

Prostheses are classified according to their contents, shapes, sizes and surfaces. The contents of the prostheses can be in the form of cohesive silicone gel or saline (I.V.) or a combination of both. Both materials are used as a content, but the outer wall of the prosthesis is always made of silicone material. Round or anatomic (drop) prostheses are preferred in the classifications made according to their shapes. Round prostheses are preferred because they fill the upper part of the chest, that is, the cleft region better. Anatomic or teardrop prostheses are more fuller in the lower parts and help to provide a more natural image in the lower pockets. The outer surfaces of the prosthesis can be called rigged or smooth surface.

The prosthesis is named according to its size and as cc in terms of volume and it is called high, medium or low profile (eg 300 cc high profile rigged surface round prosthesis) compared to the distance between the prosthesis base and the extreme end of the prosthesis.

How is the surgical technique and the location of the prosthesis determined?
In order to place the prosthesis in the chest region, it is sufficient to make a small cut of 4-5 cm on average, and this incision and the three most commonly used regions to be entered are available. The first and most commonly used of these is the submandibular region. When the under-chest incision is used, the chest to be formed will remain in under the invisible area. Another entry point can be made around the nipple head. Especially, in cases where the brown area of the nipple is too wide, it could provide an advantage for minimizing this area. A rarely used entry point is the axillary region.
Another point that needs to be planned during placement of the prosthesis, of which part the prosthesis will be placed on. Today, the most commonly used plans are the underside of the muscle above the muscle, called supramuscular, supraspinal and subfascial. Which plan will be chosen is related to the thickness of the breast tissue and subcutaneous tissue, especially in the upper part of the chest of the patient. If there is a subtle subcutaneous tissue or breast tissue in this segment, a subcutaneous plan may be preferred to prevent reveal the underlying prosthesis. No matter what plan is used, patients do not have breast-feeding problems after surgery.
What happens during the surgery and after the procedure?
Breast enlargement operations are performed under general anesthesia for an average of 1 to 1.5 hours. Postoperative hospitalization for 1 day is to be sufficient. Our patients can return to work within an average of 5 days postoperatively. After the surgery, the patients will have to wear a special bra that should last 4 weeks and they are not allowed to heavy exercise for 4-6 weeks on average. In the first months postoperatively, breasts can be bigger than planned due to oedema. 6 months time period requested to get the full shape of patients’ breasts.


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