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Buttocks Shaping

The butt shaping operation is performed by thinning areas with excess tissue and filling the existing areas with tissue deficiency. The ideal buttock should be planned in proportion to the patient's waist circumference, leg circumference, leg length and weight. Fat injection, buttock implants and hydrophilic gel applications are used for volume also vasers liposuction methods can be used where volume reduction is required.

Harmony with the surrounding tissues is very important in order to obtain the hip image (buttocks), which are more often dislocated and more rounded by our patients. Sometimes only thinning of the waist region or thinning of the legs can make the pops more visible and especially with the fats from these regions, they can be used for volume purposes. In cases where adequate fat can not be obtained, the buttock prosthesis or hydrophilic gel can be used for butt enlargement.

In recent times, Brazilian Butt Lift has been added to the size of the bracelet, especially the sides and upper outsides of the hip, so that the waist circumference and lower butt of the waist are formed and shaped.



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