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Facial procedures

Face Lifting

Today, there are many methods for facial rejuvenation, especially with botox, fillers and radiofrequency energy, facial aging can be delayed up to 50 years. However, the inevitable sagging and wrinkles that have passed a certain stage in the face and neck region, require surgical intervention. These facial and neck stretching operations are currently the gold standard method of rejuvenating the face in the current medical literature and the change dramatically begins from the first postoperative day.

Is facial stretch alone enough to make the whole face rejuvenated?

With facelift surgery, it is possible to achieve the desired tension especially in the cheek, middle face region, jaw and neck region but these operations are often combined eyelid aesthetics, oil injections and eyebrow hanging procedures.

How is the facial surgery procedure?


Facelift is an operation performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment and requires at least 1 day post-operative admission. Special supportive face bands are attached to the patient's face during surgery. After patients were discharged, within 7-10 days they are to be called in for inspections of sutures and wound control. The healing of bruise and swelling of the face area takes up to 2 weeks after the surgery. Patients can wash their face and take shower after 48 hours after the surgery. After going back to job takes approximately 2 weeks. It is important for patients to use sunscreen in the post-operative summer period in terms of advanced traces.

Can facial surgery be done again?

Face lift surgery does not stop the aging of the face, despite it heals the sagging and wrinkles caused by aging. Hundreds of patients who have experienced serious post-operative rejuvenation continue to age even if they return to their original shape within 5-10 years. For this reason, patients want to have a second or third time facelift surgery after 10 years.


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